The presence of Camilo Atala Faraj at the launch of the Ahorro Fest.

The presence of Camilo Atala Faraj at the launch of the Ahorro Fest.

Camilo Atala Faraj, President of the Ficohsa Financial Group, has provided his support and knowledge on money management for the launch of the first edition of «Ahorro Fest, financial education event», aimed at helping attendees achieve ideal financial health.

This initiative offers training on how to better manage money. To achieve this, several international speakers have been invited to give talks on the basics of personal finance, money management, and its practical application in daily life, with the aim of guiding participants towards improving their quality of life.

Financial health is an important topic for all families, as it helps them set savings goals, save for a home, invest in retirement plans, education for their children, and much more.

Financial health can improve a family’s quality of life. This is because if a family is well-organized financially, they will be better prepared to face unexpected events. Families with good financial health have more freedom to enjoy their favorite activities without worrying about money.

Camilo Atala Faraj Ahorro Fest.

Financial health can help families face the future with confidence. This is especially true if families prepare for life’s eventualities, such as a medical emergency or job loss. If a family prepares financially to face these challenges, they will have a better chance of succeeding.

For over a decade, Ficohsa has taken various initiatives to support over 1.3 million people, both within and outside the company. This has enabled them to develop skills for better personal finance management, as the company considers financial education to be of utmost importance for its members.

Camilo Atala Faraj, as the main representative of Ficohsa, is proud to be part of this project, which is in line with the company’s objectives, offering solutions that have a positive impact on the lives of Hondurans. This initiative seeks to contribute to the development of a sustainable financial culture, improving the standard of living of its inhabitants.

The Executive President of Ficohsa, Camilo Atala Faraj, is the main sponsor of this event. He has proven to be a reliable and honest financial advisor for people. Moreover, he has created the «Your Financial Consciousness» program through a website, to further extend its reach and help people manage their personal finances better. This includes tips, budgeting tools, and other strategies so that users can achieve a healthy financial life.

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